From Lancôme With Love - Digital Campaign Breakdown

Our latest campaign for luxury cosmetics brand Lancôme is a real departure for us. Gone are the usual beautiful models, flowing dresses, beauty shots and slow motion effects. Instead, the From Lancôme With Love campaign features a six week old Jack Russell puppy who pursues a balloon through a one dimensional Parisian dreamscape...

Launched initially in Asia, the campaign is aimed at Lancôme's growing market of under 25's with a fun colourful palette and youthful product presentation.

Our brief moved throughout the project, as the brand chose to focus its marketing on the increasing power of Instagram as the ideal place to connect with their target market. Originally conceived as a one minute film, the deliverables evolved to focus on 4x 15 second edits in square format, point of sale visuals, stills, animated gifs, website content, and the original one minute edit.

All the content was created at Motel, our Shoreditch studio and office complex, as well as all the offline and online edits, with grading finally carried out with our good friends at Happy Finish.

The campaign explores a new approach for the iconic Parisian brand with a more entertaining, playful visual style. The products themselves feature as graphic elements incorporated into the surreal landscape. In one scene a drum kit is built from lipstick and blusher, in another, nail varnish brushes are seen painting balloons above the Parisian skyline. 

Thankfully, our original response to the brief deliberately stuck to a concept that would provide flexibility across all formats. So often we see projects evolve into different mediums as brands shift focus from one digital channel to another, often during the lifetime of a production.  What started here as a one minute film in 16:9 dimensions, eventually found its main home as stills and square video on Instagram. 

We know this is the present reality of digital content creation and we feel it is our role to advise our clients to embrace flexible content concepts. Thus, equipping them with visual assets that will resonate when a new channel becomes the best vehicle for the brand to connect with their market.

To view the full contents of our Lancôme digital campaign, visit the Lancôme project page on our website. 

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