Few photographers have moved so smoothly into film as John Wright. In 2012, we saw the merging of photography and filmmaking and immediately took steps to establish an identity as a team that not only accepted but also embraced the new opportunities presented by the explosion in creative digital content. Our first project, thanks to our enthusiasm for the new media world, was with Louis Vuitton in 2012. Since then our relationship with LV has grown and our portfolio of clients has expanded to include some of the world's leading luxury goods brands. 

With our in-house studio, accompanied by our expert team of digital content creators equipped in filmmaking, photography, editing, strategising, music production and advertising, we can devise your entire digital campaign from start to finish. View examples of our diverse range of film projects below. 



Amidst the many fashion films we've created, we worked with GQ and Tirade Magazine respectively, on two very different projects. From concept to realisation, we led the creative direction, edited the filmed footage, and also produced the accompanying music in our studio as original soundtracks, featured in the two films above.


We led digital campaigns for luxury brands Fendi and Louis Vuitton. Having fun with VFX in our Fendi project resulted in our first Fashion Film Award nomination. Louis Vuitton's iconic shoe collection saw us into our first international photography and film campaign, using animated stills and changing backdrops.


Combining video footage with CGI, we created this film for Miss Dior, which went on to be featured in stores around the world. We work with leading experts in CGI technology to provide cutting edge digital content that will translate across a variety of mediums. 


Our work for leading couture designer Elie Saab and the Damier Collection from Louis Vuitton are two staple fashion films, that have since been referenced by fashion photographers and filmmakers alike. We pride ourselves in setting the trend, and producing original, visually exciting content that stimulates and inspires.


We paired up with James Corden in a light-hearted short film created for GLAMOUR Magazine to accompany still photographs for an editorial. As a content creation company, capturing the moment is what we do best; we capitalise on opportunities to produce additional content to elevate advertising campaigns. 


A truly unique project for our team was the film we shot for Nikon, programming a robot to a choreographed routine with Kimberly Wyatt. We teamed up with film robotics specialists MRMC. 


We produce engaging behind the scenes films to accompany many of our projects, such as these BTS looks at our Louis Vuitton and Elie Saab film shoots. We unfailingly capture the atmosphere and build a story of the process from start to finish.