WrightJ is a digital content creation company launched by London fashion photographer, John Wright. 

When imagining the evolution of John Wright Photography, our Creative Director came to the conclusion that the future of photography lay in one direction: digital content. With the ever-evolving digital landscape demanding ever-increasing content in a variety of formats, we felt that the concept of creating images within one solo discipline would soon be rendered obsolete. We're in an age where companies and creative talent need to be actively publishing content catered to multiple digital platforms and engaging with audiences across these platforms to continue to develop their brand. 

Since 2012, we have worked with leading brands on a range of projects that have given us the opportunity to further evolve as content creators and truly develop the services we provide to our clients. As well as continuing to deliver the powerful, iconic images that John Wright Photography is renowned for, we now deliver engaging, high-impact films, TV commercials, gifs, bespoke music and animated content.  


With an original take on fashion films, we have spearheaded successful digital campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Fendi, accompanying our entertaining VFX-led films with stills and Instagram videos. Our images and video content have worked seamlessly across websites, social media platforms and print publications, which has greatly contributed to establishing our identity as a newly launched creative content company.  


Our most recent project for JD Williams saw our entry into the TV production world, delivering two TV adverts for their Spring and Summer collection, accompanied by two stills campaigns.  Packed with flair and original style, although tackling a different medium, we still deliver the same fresh approach that is now synonymous with our visual storytelling as digital content creators.

 Multi-Platform Images

We create images to stand the test of time. Punchy and dynamic, our images are used to engage with audiences across a multitude of platforms including print, editorial and outdoor campaigns. With our heritage in iconic fashion and portraiture image making, we always deliver photographs that will translate across indoor, outdoor and online mediums.

Below are examples of our outdoor advertising campaigns in action.

Sky1: Trollied


Creating bespoke soundtracks has been a service we have developed over time, as we became further aware of the benefits of having original music to use without restrictions in our film projects.  A great example of one of our bespoke soundtracks is our GQ/Savile Row film, created to mark their 25th anniversary. Collaborating with Mark Ronson, Paul Weller, Jonny Marr and John Taylor, we created a fun, upbeat, original track to overlay an equally high-octane video featuring music's biggest names. 

The Full Digital Package

Working with Lancôme on our most recent project saw us flexing our full service muscles to deliver a highly-effective international digital campaign that covered film, stills, gifs and social media-optimised video and image content. From animated backdrops of Paris to transitioning backgrounds, digital promos and short teasers, the original digital content we produce is always tailored to our clients' unique brand identity whilst still presenting our signature style. 

We believe the future is digital content that works across all platforms. 

And the future is now. 


The Team

JOHN WRIGHT                Creative Director


COLIN ROSS                 Technical Director  


BENEDICT LOMBE             Digital Marketing Manager




GRACE FORTY                   Studio Manager


ANASTASIA BERGER     Account Manager