Our heritage lies in impactful, iconic images of fashion and famous faces. Since 2001, John Wright has photographed some of the most well known names in entertainment, music and film. We were at the forefront of digital photographic techniques and we now find ourselves creating photographic projects that live in the online world to compliment film and digital content. Any stills we produce are designed to sit seamlessly alongside moving content, such as our full digital campaigns for clients like FendiLouis VuittonTirade Magazine and GQ


Our editorial shoots for clients like Women's Health and Vanity Fair have garnered high praise and been used across the board online, in fashion magazines and websites.  Our delivery of impactful, striking photographs that work across all mediums is now our signature. 


As content creators, we relish opportunities to lead on digital campaigns across a global stage. We create visually exciting stills for the likes of Lancôme, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Channel 4, engaging digital audiences across websites, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram with powerful promotional and advertising photography.


From fashion films to shorts, our accompanying photographs always capture the essence of our films, whilst remaining unique and dynamic as standalone images in their own right. 


Our history in portrait photography is long and well-documented. This is where our roots lie and we will continue to deliver high-impact, unforgettable results that transform fleeting, intimate moments into timeless photographs. 


Our outdoor advertising campaign images for clients like Sky, BBC and Toyota have been used across the board, from press campaigns to traditional billboards to digital bus shelters and state-of-the-art digital screens on an international scale.  Our images are optimised for the most effective advertising methods, providing our clients with the visual tools to ensure maximum engagement with audiences.


We take pride in our behind the scenes photography, and apply the same quality and attention to detail as we would in all our projects. From the candid shots that make each project unique, to the key moments that make them come alive; we deliver final images that perfectly sum up the creative process. 



To view our full archive of photographic work, visit John Wright's portfolio website.

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